Day Seven: 100 miles travelled, 615 miles remaining

I really wish I could report better conditions, but after 40cm of snow yesterday came 35-40knot winds today. It knocked me off my feet several times and the urge to stop early and put my tent up for the day was so strong. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it though, so I carried on. The wind felt so very cold; my face mask completely froze up, my toes felt cold for the first time and I wished I could move faster to keep warm.

The forecast was for light winds with yet more snow and whiteout conditions. Although the high winds I got instead made it feel like wading through treacle, it was exciting to see the sun and blue skies again. The solar radiation is making the inside of the tent very warm! The high winds means all this new snow is being blown away, so although it made for a sufferfest of a day, I know it will help with the conditions ahead.

I cried into my goggles today and they froze up inside. I can’t even remember what I was crying about… happy tears about missing home most likely. I couldn’t understand the messages I was receiving from friends and family – they all talked of travelling home and it genuinely took me most of the day to figure it out and remember that Christmas Day was very soon and everyone was travelling home. I’d completely forgotten.

Today’s pace was glacial with those winds just knocking me back every step. It almost felt pointless to even bother and I only managed 8NM (Nautical Miles) for the day.

“Let Routine Take Command of Feeling” – that’s the quote written in large print on the inside of my tent. The last thing I see at night before sleep. Tonight I held onto that thought strongly, no matter how I I felt about getting up and wading through the same conditions tomorrow, I took those feelings and parked them. Put them elsewhere. Routine comes above all and somehow it’s easier that way. Right now routine calls for bedtime. Sleep well!

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  • What you’re doing in amazing and inspirational Jenny. You’re taking on something most of us can’t even imagine. I’m awestruck and wish you nothing but success.

  • Dearest Jen, Matt is on his way here with Bexar for
    Christmas. Hector will be delighted. The weather is exceptionally mild
    What is going on with our climate.
    Can you send us a bit of your surplus snow please?
    But not the whiteouts.
    Are you getting my verses and are they helpful? We will be praying for better weather for you. Keep up the routine and God bless you. Jeremy.


  • Hi Jenny, you are doing brilliant. Keep going, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Every step is another step closer to the finish line. I’m enjoying reading your blog. Take care and keep smiling. Nigel.

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