Solo To The South Pole, Powered by Atkins

Solo To The South Pole, Powered by Atkins

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Jenny Davis is a British lawyer and ultra endurance athlete. She has competed around the world in multi-day running events and is now taking that experience and determination to the South Pole.


Jenny will attempt a solo, unsupported and unassisted ski to the South Pole from the Antarctic coast. This is a journey of over 715 miles and Jenny is aiming to beat the current women’s speed record of 38 days, 23 hours and 5 minutes.


Jenny will fly to Antarctica around the 18th November (weather dependent) and from the basecamp at Union Glacier will be flown to the Hercules Inlet start point and should begin her attempt shortly thereafter. You can follow her progress live on this website and her position will be updated hourly on the below tracker. Jenny will also be posting a daily blog, photographs and providing updates on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Jenny is fundraising for BBC’s Children In Need. Women and girls are missing out on the benefit of the lifelong benefits of sport in the UK and Jenny wants to help change that by promoting their increased participation in sport and the great outdoors.

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