Day Four: 43 miles travelled, 672 miles remaining

Liv Arnesen is an Antarctic legend. The Norwegian explorer was the first woman to ski solo and unsupported to the South Pole, making worldwide headlines as she finished the gruelling distance in 50 days.

Now, as Jenny follows in her footsteps on the frozen continent, Liv had some motivating words and advice to pass on:

Dear Jenny,

I wish you a successful expedition to the South Pole! On my solo expedition 24 years ago (!), I experienced difficult conditions when I got up on the plateau from Hercules Inlet. Sastrugi as tall as me, it was like skiing in a frozen, stormy ocean.

I pulled my sled on a rope, and every time it was at the top of the sastrugi it started a downhill race and hit my legs. After three days in this stormy sastrugi terrain, I was lying in my sleeping bag and feeling exhausted. Not by hard work, but from being angry. I realised that if I continued to curse the sastrugi I would be exhausted when I reached the South Pole.

As a coach, I also emphasised the mental training that you also know. On expeditions we always meet surprises. Well, I said to myself at the time, “Liv, you cannot go here to swear for 50-60 days. You will destroy your childhood dream of skiing to the South Pole. Tomorrow, you’ll pretend you’ll be going to a gallery of modern art”.

By changing the focus from the frustrating terrain to seeing figures in the snow and the clouds, my mind went to other places and the joy came back.

Safe travels Jenny.


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2 replies on “Guest Blog: Liv Arnesen – 18th December 2018”

  1. Annie-tarctic???
    Not really sarcastic, just quite cute…and it’ll get you singing…’the sun’ll come out toooommmooorrroooowww’!!!
    Eurgh what a gross ear worm I’ve just sent your way 😉
    Just realised I can communicate with you…my tech skills are so lame.
    You’re epic Jen-I’m thinking of you every step/slide/skid/skip of the way.

  2. Hi Jenny , unpredictable & unexpected slow start , Indeed . May we consider that it is as a warm up ? let s beleive that for the moral and motivation. You ll come soon -with better conditions in the air and on the ground -to reach a “”speed cruise “” of ,we hope , 11-12hours & 33/35kms per day , beleive in it , Beleive in your ”star” to reach : SOUTH POLE . Tomorrow , it is a better day . Why don’t you call your sled : “” star south pole “” . 3 syllabs that you can shout very loud in the immensity of this white desert , 3 syllabs to whom you can talk to . Last year , In my 1350 kms in 28 days +2 resting days , in the tough difficulties i had the capabilities to dream , to talk loud and to sing like hell . Jenny , that’s the beginning , the near future is bright ; beleive it . XIAN

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