Guest Blog: DHL – 22nd January 2019

January 22, 2019Antarctica 2018

DHL Express is extremely proud to have partnered with Jenny for her world record attempt in skiing solo, unsupported to the South Pole. We chose to support Jenny in her expedition because she matches our company’s passion for tackling challenges head on. Her can-do attitude shone through in Antarctica whilst navigating the whiteouts and extremely challenging conditions. The … Read More

Sleep To Wake

January 18, 2019Antarctica 2018

I’m now back in the UK, and after a final check-up at the hospital, I’m out and feeling much better. I would like to thank all the staff at UCLH London for taking such good and prompt care of me. I’d also like to thank the medical team at ALE and the hospital team in … Read More

Diagnosis – 8th January 2018

January 8, 2019Antarctica 2018

Following further tests at Clinica Magallanes hospital in Puntas Arenas, Jenny has been diagnosed with a bowel infection and peritonism, an inflammation of the inner lining of the abdomen. Doctors in Chile commend the actions of the ALE Doctors in Antarctica whose treatment of Jenny in the field before she was airlifted was crucial in … Read More

Jenny Davis: Solo To The South Pole

January 6, 2019Antarctica 2018

After suffering with worsening abdominal pain in the last week, doctors have medevac’d Jenny from Antarctica to Chile for medical treatment. She is currently in hospital in Puntas Arenas with suspected appendicitis. She is naturally disappointed but is in positive spirits and sends her thanks to the doctors, pilots and the entire team at ALE … Read More

Team Jenny – 5th January 2019

January 5, 2019Antarctica 2018

A lot of people have been asking us how Jenny has been posting blogs and images from Antarctica, so we thought we’d let you inside the world of ‘Team Jenny’… The main day-to-day team consists of Trevor (Jenny’s dad), Matt (Jenny’s husband) and Ready10, the agency brought on board by Jenny to help promote the … Read More

Guest Blog: Liv Arnesen – 4th January 2019

January 4, 2019Antarctica 2018

Jenny, do listen to your intuition! After 3-4 weeks on my solo expedition I got the feeling that I should stop. The terrain had no crevasses, the clouds did not move as they usually did when a storm is coming in, but I just had a feeling. Instead, I continued my way south and 30 … Read More

My South Pole Diet – 2nd January 2019

January 3, 2019Antarctica 2018

Day Nineteen: 209 miles travelled, 506 miles remaining After another day of minus 25 knot winds and lots more snow (argh!), I’m taking the time to answer a few questions on my nutrition for this expedition. Nutrition has always been a key factor for me, starting from my preparation before Antarctica to this day, where … Read More

New Years Eve – 31st December 2018

December 31, 2018Antarctica 2018

Day Seventeen:196 miles travelled, 519 miles remaining Happy New Year! It is 2019 in the UK already, so lucky me I get to celebrate it twice. I have my half mini bottle of Laphroaig whisky leftover from Christmas and enjoyed the last few sips. I phoned home to loved ones and we rang in the new year … Read More

Sastrugi Sightings – 30th December 2018

December 30, 2018Antarctica 2018

Day Sixteen: 180 miles travelled, 535 miles remaining The winds finally started dropping  and the clouds cleared a little today. There was more sunshine by the afternoon, which was great but now I’m in my tent sweltering – solar radiation is doing its thing through the tent fabric! I listened to Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari on Audible for … Read More

Guest Blog: Ben Fogle – 29th December 2018

December 29, 2018Antarctica 2018

Day Fifteen: 166 miles travelled, 534 miles remaining In 2014, my husband Matt – made it to the final two in the selection process for Ben Fogle’s team-mates for an expedition to the South Pole, in which they set out to recreate the famous ‘Race to the Pole’ by Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen 100 years … Read More