Day Seventeen:196 miles travelled, 519 miles remaining

Happy New Year!

It is 2019 in the UK already, so lucky me I get to celebrate it twice. I have my half mini bottle of Laphroaig whisky leftover from Christmas and enjoyed the last few sips. I phoned home to loved ones and we rang in the new year together… no fireworks where I am, though!

I realised that this time last year I was also freezing cold camping in a tent! I was in the Davis Mountains in Texas when an unseasonable cold snap hit and it reached -10°C. Our dog was a puppy at the time and he spent the whole time burrowed in my sleeping bag. Perhaps next year it’s time for warmer climes, although something tells me I’ll most likely be in a tent somewhere cold again.

The winds picked up again today making it an icy -25°C. I stopped once for a proper break, but the rest of time I just kept moving (except for pee breaks!) – I just can’t stand stopping when the weather is this bad. In terms of distance covered, it wasn’t a bad day… I wondered if it was something to do with the fact I spent the day (the whole day) daydreaming about eating Nando’s…

The audio messages from home I’ve got saved on my MP3 player really helped again today. One friend is impersonating Jacob Rees Mogg MP for a good 10 seconds. It was so effective I truly believed it was him leaving me a message wishing me luck until he says he must dash as his nanny is calling… I have never laughed so hard. I have an idea of who it was that left the message, but will need to wait and hear it once more before confirming!

Thanks to the Caves for setting up the “most popular pre-recorded trivia show in all of Antarctica” to which I play along to as I trek. It is so much fun and I can officially confirm that it is the most popular pre-recorded trivia show in all of Antarctica!

I’m sat in my tent now after another long day, already falling asleep as I type this – just a tiny dram of Laphroiag and I’m drifting off. There were 20 knot winds today, with 25 forecast for tomorrow along with drifting snow. I can hear the wind picking up outside already.

Wishing you all a very happy new year!

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8 replies on “New Years Eve – 31st December 2018”

  1. Hi Jenny,

    Skye would like to know if you have built a snowman to keep you company yet?

    Hope this message finds you in rude health!

    Lots of love,

    Paddy, Jade & Skye

  2. Happy new year JENNY . Have a good health all year long to realise your wishes . I do admire your willingness delivered all along these 19 days . Keep Going . CHRISTIAN

  3. Hi Jenny, sending you lots of warmth and good luck. I’m sure it’s fabulous despite the cold but I’d still rather be in the heat of the desert. Keep toasty and continued success! Lots of love Ian K xx

  4. Hi! Dearest Jenny so many many of our friends are gunning for you whatever.
    Liz and I think of you again and again.y
    You are awesome and what you have achieved in obviously unexpectedly
    Poor weather! Wow! Matt keeps us up to date.
    Draw near to God and he will draw near to you
    Come and stay soon and
    Hector says please bring Bexar.

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