That’s a Lot of Slushies – 27th December 2018

Day Thirteen: 144 miles travelled, 571 miles remaining The days aren’t getting any easier. But rather than focus on the daily struggle, I thought I’d share some facts about Antarctica more generally. Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest, windiest and iciest continent in the world. It was the last continent to be discovered although the ancient Greeks […]

Christmas Eve – 24th December 2018

Day Ten: 109 miles travelled, 606 miles remaining Today was difficult. Difficult, difficult, lemon difficult. I’d been skiing in a whiteout all day, no sign of the horizon, no cloud formations to look at, no sunshine. The nausea that hits whenever it’s this bad returned and it just made for a tough morning. I then hit deep snow […]

With a Little Help From my Friends – 23rd December 2018

I took off my skis when I finished for the day and am shocked when I immediately fall over. The snow is knee deep and I go flying. I know what you’re thinking, snow in the South Pole shouldn’t be a surprise – but these levels are simply unheard of during Antarctic summer and the […]

Let Routine Take Command of Feeling – 21st December 2018

Day Seven: 100 miles travelled, 615 miles remaining I really wish I could report better conditions, but after 40cm of snow yesterday came 35-40knot winds today. It knocked me off my feet several times and the urge to stop early and put my tent up for the day was so strong. I just couldn’t bring myself […]