Goodbye high winds and hello Low Camp! The weather forecast had much improved so we headed up towards Low Camp, an 800m altitude gain and around a 5hr of roped glacier travel.

We left once the sun was hitting most of the route up so we could benefit from a warmer hike up. The temperature difference between sun and shade is considerable here and can mean the different between frostbite or not. I was in a  rope team with Matt and a fellow Brit named Steve, and we had the excellent Tracy as our guide.

The route to Low Camp was a gradual ascent past two recent ice falls. There had been a good amount of snow this year, meaning it was hard going for those already en route to the Pole, but the benefit is that it decreases the crevasse danger here on Mt Vinson as so many are now covered in thick snow bridges. We had to step over a half dozen or so small crevasses, but who knows how many we crossed unknowingly. You know when you’re on one, the sounds underfoot are different, almost echoing the movements on foot. There were a few hairy moments, but it was a good reminder that Mother Nature rules us all.

Low Camp is truly spectacular with views across to Schnitzen Peak and it’s currently -22°C in the sun. Fed and watered, we’re all now in our tents as we lose the sun behind the mountain in a few hours and the temps will then reach -35°C… very cold! The high winds are still expected tonight so we’ll be up often to check how our tents are doing. On the plus side, filled pee and water containers make for the best hot water bottles in our sleeping bags! Goodnight!

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  1. I received your text but I couldn’t reply !
    I’ll send you a different number
    I’m enjoying reading the blogs
    Sending much love to you both
    Mum xx

  2. The Children of St John’s CE Primary School in Ripley, Derbyshire are sending you all their best wishes. They understand the frustration of tooth ache and wish you a speedy recovery. They don’t like the idea of the teachers suggestions to make their own hot water bottles for an experiment! ;0)
    They are enjoying the photographs on the blog and are looking forward to sharing your story in assembly on Thursday with the rest of the school.
    Good luck
    Staff and Pupils @ St John’s

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