Guest Blog: Liv Arnesen – 18th December 2018

Day Four: 43 miles travelled, 672 miles remaining Liv Arnesen is an Antarctic legend. The Norwegian explorer was the first woman to ski solo and unsupported to the South Pole, making worldwide headlines as she finished the gruelling distance in 50 days. Now, as Jenny follows in her footsteps on the frozen continent, Liv had some motivating words and […]

Three Sails – 17th December 2018

Day Three: 33 miles travelled, 682 miles remaining Today I passed Three Sails, an evenly spaced row of three nunataks mostly submerged in snow. The range lies 2 nautical miles (3.7 km) southwest of Haven Mountain at the northwest edge of the Britannia Range and marked the point where I was due to make a slight left to aim for […]

Whiteouts – 16th December 2018

Day Two: 22 miles travelled, 682 miles remaining I knew there would be whiteouts during my expedition. Whiteouts are when the wind whips up the snow, causing blizzards that erase the horizon and create a wall of blurred snow that effectively reduces visibility to zero. I’d mentally prepared for them, knew I’d experience them, but the reality of […]

The Top of the Bottom of the World – 5th December 2018

WE MADE IT! On 5th December at 17.15 Chilean time, we successfully reached the top of the bottom of the world, the highest point in Antarctica and one the Seven Summits – the largest mountains on each of the seven continents. We have conquered Mount Vinson (4892 metres). Saturday 1st December We had several days […]